Monday, November 19, 2012

Vampires and What We Did This Weekend

My sister and I got to go tonight to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2. I loved it. It was a little cheesy, but they all have been. I haven't read the book in a couple years so it was sorta like I didn't know what was going to happen, which was good. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little sad that this was the last movie. 

Speaking of Vampires, these teeth have been a great source of entertainment in our house the past couple of weeks. The girls think it is absolutely hilarious to put these in and growl to "scare" us. They are pretty freakin cute. 

We had a good weekend around these parts. On Friday Lily had her preschool Thanksgiving Dinner. The kids sang, and they were so cute. Lily gets a little shy with all the parents there and sorta sang but didn't do many of the hand motions to the songs. I videoed the performance, and have seen many a home video of me acting the same way. 

On Saturday, Nathan and I went up to Morgantown for the WVU game. We had a great time tailgating with good friends. The game was good as well except for the whole losing by one point thing. It has been tough being a Mountaineer fan this season. 

We left Morgantown on Sunday morning after having breakfast and doing a little Target shopping. The girls spent time with Aunt Sarah and then Grammy and Pop Pop while we were at the game. They had a blast and we just had a lazy day after we got home. We did have a family movie night watching Toy Story 3 and the new Disney channel movie, Sofia the First. It was super cute and Lily loved it. 

Nathan is off all these week on break and we are headed down to Asheville, NC on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with his sister and family. Should be a fun time!

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