Friday, November 16, 2012


Another week has flown by. I am linking up with Jeannett again. 

life rearranged

My phone memory is pretty full and I think it is messing with my Instagram. Sometimes it just shuts off after I have taken a picture before I can post it. I have deleted and reinstalled with not much luck. Anyone else have this problem?

Avery thought it was hilarious to walk around with this on her head. It was pretty funny. 

We had a decent weather day so when Nathan got home we headed to the park. We needed to get out of the house!

Not sure what is up with her putting things on her head. Hilarious. We have way too many toys. I got rid of one diaper box full of junk and some of the baby things. Toys are still everywhere though. 

Nana got the girls some new outfits and this is Ave's. Pretty cute. 

This totally happened at dinner last night. 

She drank the salsa right out of the bowl, multiple times. I can't even get Lily to look at Salsa. 

Sweet picture of Lil and Nana. She is going out of town and needed some good hugs. 

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