Thursday, November 8, 2012

Goonies Birthday Party

I'm not even sure where to start since we have been internetless for over a week. I felt like it was 1995 in our house. :) So I will just go in order with what we have been up too. I promised pictures from Nathans Goonies Themed 30th Birthday party. I kept the theme a surprise from him while planning. It was pretty easy to find decorations since he is an October birthday. Pirates and Halloween decor are everywhere this time of year. I ordered the printables from this shop on etsy. I also ordered some note cards I used from this shop. Both etsy shops were easy to work with. The rest of the decor came from walmart, the dollar store, target. etc. 

I encouraged everyone to dress up. Some came as their favorite Goonie. The guest of honor dressed up as Brand from the movie and I was Andy. 

Some of the decor. We had Baby Ruths, and the chomping teeth (pinchers of power)

I ordered this poster online, but my bro in law also found one at Lowes Hardware of all places. 

One Eyed Willy took center stage. 

Some of the guests!


Baby Jack!

Ave was a little grumpy. 

Big Chunk and Little Chunk. Awesome!

A little bit happier. 

Andy and Data!

And a group shot of all the Goonies. 

Goonies Never Die!

It was a super fun party to put together, and Nathan seemed to enjoy himself! 


  1. What an AWESOME party theme! Best movie ever!!!

    1. Thanks! I got the idea from Pinterest! I do love the movie though!

  2. Love it! Throwing an 80s birthday party for my husband. I am going to borrow the Its Wet Ain't It sign and place it next to the kegs. You have great friends and family!