Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Couple Of Firsts

We have been having a lot of firsts around here lately. We had our first day of school, first soccer practice and first dance class. Lily has been busy! New stuff is always a little bit difficult for our shy girl. The first dance class went well. She participated and seemed to have fun. Parents were able to stay in the room for the first class so that definitely helped her feel more comfortable. She had her second class yesterday and the parents were asked to wait in the lobby. I kept peeking in and she was doing fine but about half way through she decided she needed me to be in the room for her to be able to finish the class. Hopefully it will keep getting easier for her and she will become more confident. 

This is Lily and her friend from school last year, Amy. The cuteness of these little dance outfits makes me smile. 

Lily also started soccer a couple weeks ago. I played all through my childhood and loved it so I was super excited to get her started. Nathan and I even got talked into coaching which is pretty fun by exhausting as well. Lily on the other hand isn't that interested in soccer so far. She did pretty well the first practice but hasn't really participated in the other practice or the first game. I think she is just sort of overwhelmed. We are going to stick it out and finish the season to see how it goes. She just turned four and the team is ages four through six. So there are definitely some bigger kids. Hopefully she will come around and start loving soccer like I did! 

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Lily's Take

Lily has been super interested in taking pictures lately. It's kinda cute to see her lugging our big camera around the house. These are just a few of the pictures she captured. I love seeing her little mind work at figuring something out. It's amazing watching her grow. 

I think she captured a typical day pretty well. ha

Have a great weekend!
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back to School

I am super sad that these pics turned out blurry. We were just trying to get the pictures taken and didn't realize that a focus setting was off. I'm posting them anyway though since it is all we took on her first day. 

This year has been completely different from last. She is so much more confident going to school. There have been no tears at drop off and she is like a seasoned pro. She basically kisses me and runs off to play. We are very proud of how much she has grown over the past year. 

We are looking forward to a fun and successful last year of preschool. 

Next year is Kindergarten and I could hyperventilate just typing that. I am so not ready but I'm sure she will be. 
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Friday, August 23, 2013

More Summer Fun

So I may just make my goal to post once a week and anything over that is great. These are just some random summer fun pictures. We have been spending time with family enjoying the little bit of summer we have left. Fall is right around the corner! 

My girls have a really good Daddy. He lets them do fun girly stuff and he joins in! I love it. 

This one right here....... I tell ya she is something else. This was her outfit of choice the other day and I jut love it. Those are Lily's new soccer shin guards/socks. Which by the way she starts in a couple of weeks and Nathan and I got asked to be coaches. Should be pretty fun. I really hope she likes it. 

These pictures of Lily are from my Mom's house. She had picked her up one day while Avery was napping and took her back to her house. This is what they did with their quality time. I sorta love it. Lily always wants to put my makeup on but I'm usually not up for the mess but Nana can spoil her. 

That last picture just cracks me up. How beautiful. : ) 

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Friday, August 16, 2013

State Fair 2013

So I feel like a broken record every time I blog. I have been a total slacker this summer. But we have been having a good time and that's what counts right? Nathan randomly had a Monday off of school so we took advantage and took the girls to the WV State Fair. 

With all the rain and weird weather we have been having this summer i figured our trip would be cut short from rain, but it was a beautiful day and actually pretty hot. 

Daddy and the girls rode a couple rides which included the Ferris and Lily called it. It was the first they saw when we drove into the fair grounds and all they talked about until we finally got over to the carnival part. 

The girls absolutely loved the ferris wheel and I wasn't a bit worried that one of them would go toppling out of the car (sarcasm). 

We broke out the double stroller which we haven't used forever, but I really didn't want to end up carrying a kid all over the fair. They were pretty good about staying in too. I think they were hot and tired. 

The girls loved the tractor area and all the animals that were on display. I think my favorite was the bunnies. There were some pretty cute ones. We gorged ourselves on fair food. I had ribbon fries and a chicken philly sandwich and the girls had pizza before we headed out. 

And we picked up one of these to go as well. The best cinnamon roll I have ever eaten, and it was huge! Lily and I shared this for two days. It was heavenly. I don't even care how much sugar and fat was in this thing. It was so delicious. I would eat another one right now. 

Ave was out in the car before we left the parking lot. They had such a blast and I'm glad the weather held out for us!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Insta Friday

This week has been pretty lazy. I'm really not sure what is up with the weather this summer but it's not normal for August. So we have been stuck inside for a lot of this week and haven't gotten too much. You can follow along with us on Instagram @jennypowellfell.

I had some time with just one child this week. I think we went to the store and it is so different with just one child at the grocery store. 

I got this super cute seahorse dress at Target a while back. I love the nautical feel of it. 

We played dress up. 

and went on a family hike. I was rainy when we started and we didn't get very far, but the girls still had fun. 

We are still working on this. We have gone backwards a little bit. She is so stubborn and if she doesn't want to do something she will let you know about it. Hopefully it will just click for her soon. 

Lil took about 50 selfies and videos with my phone the other day. Do your kids do that? I had to delete a ton of pics just like this. 

We did some cuddling on the couch on a rainy morning. 

and got new spin brushes. It made me a little sad that Lily want the more tween toothbrush with stickers to decorate it and Avery picked out Spongebob. My four year old is growing up. 

The rain knocked down these pretty flowers growing on a bush in the yard. We couldn't just let them lay there. 

We have been really working on our bed time routine because we have a girl that likes to get up a bunch after being put to bed. So we have started earlier and have spent more time reading stories. This night was on the front porch. 

I absolutely love that I caught this picture on our walk the other night. I just randomly turned around and snapped the pic. I didn't even realize I had caught such an epic pose until later that night. This catches Ave's current personality perfectly. I love it. Rosie, Rosie, pick your nosey.............

 What have you guys been up too this week?
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