Friday, August 16, 2013

State Fair 2013

So I feel like a broken record every time I blog. I have been a total slacker this summer. But we have been having a good time and that's what counts right? Nathan randomly had a Monday off of school so we took advantage and took the girls to the WV State Fair. 

With all the rain and weird weather we have been having this summer i figured our trip would be cut short from rain, but it was a beautiful day and actually pretty hot. 

Daddy and the girls rode a couple rides which included the Ferris and Lily called it. It was the first they saw when we drove into the fair grounds and all they talked about until we finally got over to the carnival part. 

The girls absolutely loved the ferris wheel and I wasn't a bit worried that one of them would go toppling out of the car (sarcasm). 

We broke out the double stroller which we haven't used forever, but I really didn't want to end up carrying a kid all over the fair. They were pretty good about staying in too. I think they were hot and tired. 

The girls loved the tractor area and all the animals that were on display. I think my favorite was the bunnies. There were some pretty cute ones. We gorged ourselves on fair food. I had ribbon fries and a chicken philly sandwich and the girls had pizza before we headed out. 

And we picked up one of these to go as well. The best cinnamon roll I have ever eaten, and it was huge! Lily and I shared this for two days. It was heavenly. I don't even care how much sugar and fat was in this thing. It was so delicious. I would eat another one right now. 

Ave was out in the car before we left the parking lot. They had such a blast and I'm glad the weather held out for us!

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