Wednesday, October 31, 2012

🌀No Internets :)

The frankensandyzzard knocked out our Internet. No idea when it will be back on. Posting this from my phone! I have lots to share once our Internet is back. We are safe and had some major snow.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday

Happy Birthday Nathan!

You are one awesome Husband and Daddy! 

We love you bunches!

Hope you had an great birthday, and now you are as old as me. :)

Pics from his goonies themed party to follow!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Avery-18 Months

Avery Grace is 18 Months! 

Half a year has gone by since she became a toddler. She is such a blessing and a sweet girl. 

Avery has started repeating everything.

She loves her binky and her buddy (blanket)

Her eating has definitely gone down hill a bit. She will still eat lots of different things but the quantity has declined. She screams DONE when she is finished too. 

I was able to get her to eat toast and cheese bread. She wouldn't touch bread for a while. 

She takes one mid day nap and still goes to bed around 7 pm

She wears 12-18 month clothes and can wear some 24 months.

No idea on height and weight but she has an appointment in November. 

She loves the dog and "hugs" her a lot. 

She is still into everything and thinks she can do the same things as big sissy.

She gets sad when we drop Lily off at school in the morning. 

She drinks regular milk now instead of soy. 

She says bite,bite, bite when she wants some of your food. 

She is a climber and likes to scare the crap out of me. 

She runs and plays like a big girl. I am sad that time is passing so fast and the girls are getting so big, but it is also awesome to experience all these new things with them. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Embrace the Camera

We have had a lazy day around here. Lily came down with a fever and sore throat, so she missed school and we pretty much just cuddled and watch way too many cartoons. 

Avery was so good too, she just went with the flow. She is feeling fine by the way and I really hope she doesn't catch whatever Lily has. 

This did give me the opportunity to get some sweet pictures with my babies. Which I don't do often enough. 

I love these monkeys. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trike a thon

Lily'school had a little fundraiser for St. Jude's a couple weeks ago. When we got the paperwork for this, I was a little shocked. Like we have to already raise money? But it was for a good cause and super duper cute so we went with it. 

It was a trike-a-thon, so the kids got to bring their bikes to school and ride around the driveway. Lily hit up her family members for some donations for St. Jude's and rode around the loop at least five times. She rocked it. 

Little sis couldn't be left out so I brought her little ride on toy.

Despite the look on her face, she really did have fun. 

The kids were super cute and they all seemed to have a really good time. Lily loves her little strider bike. It's supposed to help with balance and to not need training wheels when she gets a bigger bike. 

This is my favorite picture from the day. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day in the Life-Fall 2012

I am linking up with Laura at Navigating The Mothership. I have been following her blog for a while and have wanted to do a Day in the Life post, but just never got around to doing it. I started and gave up a couple times. Ha

October 22, 2012- Lily 3 Years and 3 Months, Avery 18 Months

6:35- Lily wakes me up to let me know she needs to use the potty. She doesn't like to go back to bed when she wakes up like that so we went off to the couch to watch some toons. 

7:15ish- I decide I need to take a shower before Avery wakes up for the day. I hear Ave chatting when I get out so I grab the camera so I can get a pic. 

Pretty huh? She takes after her Momma in the morning. 

So after I got Ave, I couldn't find Lily. She was watching a cartoon when I hopped in the shower which I do quite a bit. I heard her run in the bathroom while I was in there but had heard any noises for a minute or two. So Ave and I go looking around the house (it is small) yelling her name. Finally she says she is in her room. This is what I find. Hiding in the closet. Good grief. I was really nervous for a minute. 

Then the girls decide it's time to feed "ishy" as Avery says. He really goes by his name Sir Swims A lot. The only survivor from our fish escapades in the spring. Avery is a little obsessed with feeding this thing. 

8:00- Breakfast time. Avery has grapes, banana, milk and a little cereal. Lily decides she wants cereal with milk and I throw a banana in and she actually eats it!

I pick out the girls clothes while they eat. 

And feed the dog. 

8:09- Avery is DONE. That is what she yells after about 5 minutes of eating now a days. She used to be a really good eater. She is still better than Lily though. 

Lily decides to do a little artwork while I try to convince her to let me fix her hair and get her shoes on. It's a battle daily. 

8:40- We head out to get in the car for Preschool. Lily goes 4 mornings a week. It's way colder than I expected. Brrrrrr

Finally finagle them into the car. Lily decides to be on the look out for bears, deer, squirrels, lions and polar bears on our drive to school. She also sees ghosts. 

It later gets up to 75 degrees or more. What he heck?

Drop off was a little dramatic. Lily fell in the playroom and bumped her head as soon as we got there and was pretty upset and it took me a while to get out of there. 

9:20- We are home. Avery decides she needs to work on figuring out her car seat and doesn't want to get out of the car. 

I make my breakfast and work on a little laundry. 

This is what Avery does while I eat. She is a wild woman. 

After I eat, I decided to finally clean up the piles of clothes that Avery has outgrown. They were sort of taking over her room. 

10:00- Avery has a snack while I fold some laundry. 

Then she decides to help with house work. How thoughtful of her! 

I try to download some pictures for a different blog post but blogger kind of sucks at picture downloading. Oh well. 

11:30ish- We head outside to play a bit then hop in the car to go get Lily. 

11:48- Arrive at Lily's school but she doesn't get done until noon so we wait. I read some blogs on my phone and talk to a friend whose son goes to school with Lil. 
The teacher says Lily had a bit of a rough time at school. She fell on the playground and was upset for a bit. I think my kid is clumsy. She falls all the time!

12:20- Home and the girls play out on the porch while I make them some lunch. 

Avery has pasta salad, grapes, and hot dog. 

Lily plays with the IPad for a minute then eats her lunch. Grilled cheese and grapes. (Avery won't eat bread, so won't eat grilled cheese)

1:00- Avery is done eating and I clean her up and get her ready for nap. 

Lily watches Little Einsteins while I eat lunch which is a peanut butter sandwich and some pasta salad. 

1:30- I drink an energy drink to pep up and Lily and I go out to play in the yard. Lily digs in her worm hole as she calls it, and I spray paint some letters for a wreath I am making. 

We read the mail and look at the catalogs. Lily tells me "its a pleasure to meet you" haha and rides her bike a little bit. 

2:33- I get a message that Nathan is on his way home. Yay! 

3ish- I hear Avery stirring from her nap. She is not impressed that I am taking her picture when I go in there. 

3:25- Daddy's Home! He takes over the playing outside and I decide to run to the store and pick up some necessities. $70 bucks later I am home. 

The girls are in the garage doing things like this. 

4:45- Feed Avery dinner since we are going to go on a walk later. Ave has shredded bbq chicken, pasta salad and corn. All leftovers. Lily decides she isn't hungry yet so she just has some milk. I eat some leftover spaghetti. 

5:12- Wrestlemania is happening in the living room right now. I'm not fast enough to get a picture but Daddy is super fun. 

5:20- Head out for our walk with Mike and Sarah. I usually go to kickboxing on Monday night, but it's super nice out so we skipped to enjoy the warm weather. 

The girls ride in style. 

On our way home I stop and get a chocolate milkshake. Avery proceeds to drink more than half of it. She was obsessed and got upset if I took it back. 

We play for a minute in the tent that Uncle Mike set up for Lily's last slumber party at their house. Of course Lily doesn't want to leave and gets super upset. But everyone is tired and it's almost bed time for Ave. 

6:50- Finally home and get Avery in the bath really quick. She is super hyper. Sugar rush anyone? She is super cute though. 
Lily decides she is ready to eat something and she wants yogurt and cheese bread. At least she eats it all. 

I was trying to get her jammies on and she ran off and thought she was hiding from me. 

Finally ready for bed at 7:30. She usually goes at 7 so it's not horribly late.

Lily gets in the tub at this point and then is out around 7:45. She gets dressed and watches a cartoon. Daddy gets her in bed at 8 which is her normal bedtime!  

I catch up on my DVR shows and Nathan studies for a while. We are in bed by 10:30

It was a pretty good day!