Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Bucket List

Everyone is making their fall to do lists, and mine is probably no different but i wanted to document it so that it gives me incentive to actually do it!

- Pumpkin Patch

- Trick or Treating

- Jump in the leaves

- Carve Pumpkins

- Make Halloween Costumes for the girls (Lily wants to be Tinkerbell and I found an adorable ghost costume to make for Avery)

- Exercise outside (I have done this twice. I was majorly slacking last month.)

- go on a hayride

- Go on 2 Dates

- Do some fall arts and crafts

-Take some Fall pictures of the girls. 

Some cute pictures from last year. 

Please check out my video of Lily It is my favorite!


  1. You have a fun Fall planned! I bet their costumes will be cute!!

  2. Great bucket list of fun things to do for Fall! I'm a new GFC follower...thanks for visiting my blog. :-)