Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Okay......

-It's Okay

- That I have been a bad blogger. We have been living life, and I will catch up.

- That this girl is so stinkin cute. She is waving at her shadow, and it wasn't prompted by me.

- That I bought a giant tub of cheeseballs at World Market for the soul purpose of seeing if they tasted like the old school Planters cheeseballs in the can. Those were awesome.  They don't exactly but they are still good and the girls like them. 

- That my sis planned a little girls getaway this past weekend to visit a friend in NC. It was awesome and I had a blast. Love her!

- That the Mountaineers lost this past weekend. That just means they have more to prove on Saturday! I'm still proud to be a Mountaineer!


  1. I so love cheeseballs. I always buy some from Hickory Farms.

  2. Avery is so sweet! Glad you had fun. Love ya!