Sunday, September 2, 2012


I'm late because of computer issues, but I still want to link up my Instagrams. 

life rearranged

Pretty flowers my girls picked for me. Love them so much. 

Reading her new Biscuit goes to School book. She starts school on Tuesday. I'm not ready. 

We went to watch a cousin play high school football. Lily really like the "cheerladies" as she called them.

Playing with Grammy and PopPops dog Cinnamon.

We went to a fun wedding last weekend. Childfree at that.

Needed a pick me up. 

Beautiful baby rockin a sweet look. 

Just a little project I'm working on. 

Sweet girl playing peekaboo. 

First braided piggies. (Lily calls it braving instead of braiding.)

New kicks and waiting for kickboxing to start. 

Looks like she is sleeping but she really just didn't want her picture taken. 

This is what I got to eat for lunch per Lily one day last week. Lucky me huh? Good thing I had already eaten. 

My big girls riding in the fun cart at the store. 

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