Thursday, September 27, 2012

Looking Back

I love looking back through the pictures saved on our hard drive. Something about seeing those memories makes me smile. It usually takes me back to that time and I can remember that day. I think I like this because as I have gotten older I haven't been able to recall as much from the past as I would like. That is why I love taking pictures, it gives you a visual reference to the little bits and pieces of memories floating around in my head.

September 2012- Matching pjs for the girls on a relaxing evening. My Mom got these for the girls last year and Avery can just now fit in hers. 

September 2011- This isn't a great picture, but last year at this time we were at the beach for my beautiful sisters wedding! This is us at the Aquarium. 

September 2010- This was when we announced that Ms. Lily was going to be a big sister to our families. 

September 2009- Lily was just 2 months old and went on her first vacation to the Beach!

September 2008- Doing what we did best, tailgating for Mountaineer Football. 

September 2007- And again being super classy on the Blue Lot. 

 Times sure have changed, huh? For the better though and I wouldn't change it. I'm excited to see what the future has in store for our little family! 

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