Monday, September 17, 2012


I recently got a discount code in my Bluum box to try another monthly subscription. This one is for kids clothes. I really like this concept and the surprise of what might come in your box. They seem to be a newer company and are still figuring things out. It took a little bit for my order to ship out. After inquiring about it, I got a quick response and was told that they were waiting on new product in the size I requested which was 3T. Just a couple days later my order was shipped so it wasn't really that long. 

What was in our box:

Long sleeved Tea Collection Shirt~ Laura Ashley Pajamas~Purple Leggings~Two sleeveless dresses

I liked everything pretty well. I'm not really impressed with the sleeveless dresses. The quality seems fine, but the weather is cooling down here and Lil really needs more cool weather clothing. I guess I could put long sleeves on underneath. 

I think I will do one more month to see what they send as I did go on the site and update my profile.  I recommend this service for the ease and and the surprise of what you may get!

If you want to try this service out send me your email address in the comment section and you can get $10 off your first order. 

*I paid for this service myself! I just enjoy showing people how these service work.

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