Friday, September 28, 2012

Insta Friday

Linking up again with my cell pictures from the week. 

life rearranged hnb  

Last Friday we headed up to Morgantown for the WVU Football game. We stay with my brother in law who is in Pharmacy school there. We ate at a yummy restaurant called 
Black Bear . This is what they give you so they know which table to bring the food. 

Then we ran by Krogers for some last minute tailgating necessities. Yum, right?

Tailgating! Sis and brother in law. 

Me and Nathan

Don't worry, the girls where having a blast with Grammy and Pop-Pop. 

Just some fun shots from inside the game. 

We won! Yay.

This little one cracks me up. She was on a treasure hunt and her map was a cute map. 

Talk about cute!

Wearing the new green skinny cords from Old Navy! Love them. Super comfy. 


  1. I'm visiting from InstaFriday. I love the green cords. I need to pick up a pair.

    1. Thanks! The cords are so comfortable!

  2. I am as well visiting from InstaFriday.

    Love to see other people that Tailgate for football games! I don't get to do it often, But love it when I do.

    I noticed you are a West Virginia Fan... I am a fellow Big 12 member! Go Frogs though :) I have two friends that are new Baseball Coaches for West Virginia!! One of their wives is the broadcaster during football games!

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi! It's nice to hear from a fellow football fan!