Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I am loving the little relationship that is forming between my sweet girls. They are becoming little friends and I have been waiting for this. Sure they have their moments, but mostly they are enjoying playing together. People always asked my when I was pregnant with Avery if I wanted a boy. I would say I would be happy with a healthy baby no matter the gender. But truthfully I wanted Lily to have a sister. There is something about a sisterly bond that is so special.

My older sister is my best friend and I couldn't imagine life without her. I can only hope and pray that our girls have the same kind of awesome relationship as they grow older! 

PS: I think Lily likes the idea of school, but she is having a hard time letting us leave after we drop her off. She cried yesterday for a bit and I fear she has done  the same thing today. We will see when I pick her up at noon. 


  1. I'm lucky to have the best sister ever! Love you sis!

  2. Precious! I'm a new follower from the GFC hop, and I'd love a visit back at when you get the chance! I would also love for you to come link up to the Mommy-Brain Mixer blog hop, which goes live in about 15 minutes!