Friday, September 21, 2012


Linking up for another Insta-Friday.

life rearranged

Just taking an afternoon stroll. All relaxed and stuff. 

While big sis rides her bike. 

Someone likes to get the mail. 

Lily is really into taking pictures with our phones. I found quite a few interesting ones on my phone. 

Date night of Chinese food, beer and a movie. 

I'm pretty sure Lily took this one too. 

and this one....

and this one......

Avery swinging on the swing where I did as a kid. She loved it. 

We got at least two afternoon naps this week. Thank you school. 

These toys always end up in my house. Hmmmm

Fun trip to Target with the girls. Icees and popcorn kept them sorta occupied. 

and another selfie.......

Warm sweatshirt from Tarjay......

Don't you all watch cartoons in the buff?

Swinging with the little one on a pretty day.

Fun playdate with Mason after school. 

Just doing a little recycling. 

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