Friday, September 7, 2012


It's Friday! Thank goodness. I am ready for some fun family time this weekend. I am linking up here:

life rearranged

We had some fun family adventures last weekend. The girls had a blast and were really good. 

Family pic. These are rare. 

 Yummy Chips and Salsa

The girls new favorite thing. Sitting on their chairs on the couch. Whatever works. 

Sleepy head the night before her first day of school.

First Day!

Yummy hot chocolate.

Family walk. 

The wildness that is our life. 

This cutie was excited we were going to pick up sissy.

Yummy treat after her second day of school.

Sharing with sis. About the cutest thing ever!

eh, eh, eh, her favorite words. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. love the wildness picture. the blurs in the picture capture crazy life with littles so well. i'm so excited to get a little chair like that for my little guy. i know he'll love it! stopping by from InstaFriday link-up.

  2. You have such cute kids!! We have a chair like that from pbk and love it. Happy weekend!