Thursday, September 6, 2012

Embrace The Camera

We are embracing the camera today with our sweet school girl. The second day was better than the first. Although she still had a tough time letting me go the teacher said she really did well. She liked cutting and gluing best! We have one more day this week then she won't go back until Monday. Hopefully we won't have to start all over getting used to school. 

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  1. She is stunning in that dress. Pretty soon she's going to run right to class and you'll wish for these days. My youngest son told my husband and I that he's too big for kisses at school now. We can kiss him at home though. Go figure.

    I'm sure she will be fine.


    1. Aw thanks for stopping by. Sorry your son won't let you kiss him! Definitely not looking forward to that!

  2. She'll adjust in no time I'm sure! Sweet pictures.

  3. Aww my son loved cutting and gluing the best too!