Thursday, August 30, 2012

Avery 16 Months

I don't even know now what she was so upset about, but goodness gracious this kid knows how to throw a tantrum. She must have picked it up from a certain big sister I know. She can turn it on and off really fast too. Such a sneaky little lady. Those pouty lips make me smile though.

She is mostly the sweetest girl around

She's attached to her Momma but,

is a total Daddy's girl too.

She loves her sissy and her Dixie doggy.

She calls every stuffed animal, regular animal, and her blankie her "baby"

She knows where her nose, mouth and belly button are.

She loves soy milk, apple sauce pouches, cheese, jelly beans and yougurt.

When you are eating something she reaches out and says "bite" (she ate salad the other day)

She loves to dance and climb and be generally crazy.

She loves to give Dixie her treats. She goes to where we keep them and says eh, eh, eh until you give her one.

Wagon rides are her favorite

Weighs: 23 pounds

Height: 32 Inches

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