Friday, August 3, 2012


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Lily's Sticker Fun.. Pony Conga Line?

Dinner=Pot Roast

They Love The Park

So Sweet

Love This Sweet Pic

Delicious Chocolate Cake

Tree House Adventures

Pet Store Kitties That Looked Like My Childhood Cats. Too Bad I'm Allergic.

Avery In Piggies Is About All The Cute I Can Handle.


Getting A Little Restless

Spiderman Fudge Stripes

Princess Ave!

Yard Sale Madness! If You Are Local Please Come Buy Our Treasures.

Randomly Got Behind My Mom In Her Work Car. She Never Noticed, Even When I Honked And Pulled Up Beside Her.

Avery On The Move

Are You Ever Too Old For A Sink Bath?

life rearranged

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