Saturday, August 11, 2012


My beautiful Grandma has gone home.

I am still in shock. I have been with her for the past week and knew it was coming but it is still so hard. I think I am in shock. She had been in a elderly care facility for the past 4ish years and we visited her often. Up until last week she was usually able to talk to you and knew who was visiting. So it was only the last week that she wasn't able to. 

My Grandma was awesome. She was what you think of as the ultimate Grandma. She kept my sister and I when we were younger. Before we started school and summers. We baked, did crafts, painted, cooked, went on day trips, trips to the library, etc. We did so much fun stuff together and I have so many great memories that I will cherish forever. She took such good care of us. 

I named my first baby girl after her and I am so glad. I hope my girls have as much love, acceptance and courage as she did. I'm so glad she got to love them.

 These are just a couple pictures I found on my computer from the past couple years. I have so many more that I will cherish forever.

Mothers Day 2012

 Her Birthday 2011

Family Shot

 Her Grandchildren (missing one)

 Most of her Great-Grandchildren

 Kisses from Avery-This is just so special

Meeting Lily for the first time

Meeting Avery for the first time

Four Generations

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