Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Okay Tuesday

-It's Okay that this makes me laugh. This is Baxter my sisters dog. He just hopped right in the booster seat. 

-It's okay that i was feeling like this one day last week. I just couldn't stop snacking and had a love/hate relationship with the fridge. 

- It's okay that I scheduled my next Stitchfix! I posted about it here. Can't wait to see what comes this time. If you want to try it out use this link:  http://stitchfix.com/users/signup/?referrer_id=3019191.

- It's Okay to be annoyed that toilet paper and trash bags cost so much. Considering what you do with them it sucks.

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  1. He wanted to be boosted. Closer to the noms.

  2. I think he was trying to look cute to get the noms

  3. I have days when I can't stop snacking. I should probably stop keeping such good food in the house.

    1. I know. But then I'm bummed if I can't find anything good. Ha

  4. I have a love hate thinging going on with my fridge too...I guess it is one of the few things about being broke! All the good snack food cost to much...drink wine or eat good snacks....wine always wins!