Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stitchfix Review #2

I got my second fix from StitchFix a couple days ago. I love wondering what they are going to send me. 
The box came in the midst of everything going on but I was able to find time to open it and check out everything. 

This box was sorta a miss for me. I only kept one thing and the others just weren't anything I absolutely loved. 

First thing I pulled out was this cardigan. I hated it. It looks like a blanket and was shapeless. No thank you! I do love cardis and would like to get one I love. This went back.

This top was pretty, but I didn't really like how high it came up around the neck and it wasn't as long as I would have liked. This went back too. 

I really wanted to like this tank. It was sheer and had a pretty pattern, but when I tried it on it showed way to much of the tank underneath. The arm holes were just too big. This went back as well. 

I really did like this dress. I love things I can wear with leggings or tights underneath. I really thought this was going to be a keeper but it was a jersey fabric and just a little too clingy to parts I don't want things to be clingy too. : ) I loved the color, and it would have helped add color to my wardrobe, but I passed on this one as well. 

These were the only thing I kept. I was concerned that they wouldn't fit, but they fit fine on my middle finger. The pic is not that great but they are a coral/red color with gold. They are made to look like bamboo and I really love them! 

I think I will definitely give StitchFix another try in a couple of months. They have good customer service and seem to really try to get it right. 

If you want to try it out you can use this Link

You can read about my first fix here


  1. I'm also a stitchfix client! My fourth box was the one that I felt they got the most right...and I'm anxiously awaiting my fifth box! I really love those rings that they sent you, but don't blame you for not keeping the rest. I love seeing what others receive in their box from stitchfix!

    1. Awesome! Yea I really do like it. I love the reviews too