Wednesday, July 24, 2013

She is Four

So Lily is four years old now. I feel like she turned four and turned into a new little girl. I don't want to jinx it or anything, but we have had a drastic change in behavior. Less whining, more being helpful and just generally sweet. I know that four will have it's own challenges and I'm not counting out the the old behavior yet, but three was hard. 

On her Thursday which was her actual birthday, we woke up early so Daddy could be here for breakfast and present opening. We had cinnamon rolls with candles and she opened her gifts from us which I think she enjoyed. 

Nathan did have class, but he skipped out early to spend the day with us. So when he got home we packed up and headed out for a picnic at the playground. It was super hot but we got a decent amount of play time in. 

After play time we headed home so Ave could nap. The rest of us did some swimming and waited for some friends to get here who were coming to visit. When they got here the kids played a bit and then we headed to Lily's favorite place for dinner and after dinner had cake and cupcakes at my sister's house. 

We had a great day. I can't believe my girl is four years old. 

Next up her Tangled birthday party!
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