Friday, July 26, 2013


Another couple weeks of Insta pictures. You can follow me at @jennypowellfell. 

Have you guys seen this movie? You know Steve Martin's youngest son Justin, well Avery is totally that kid. He is just in his own world, and I think Avery resides their with him. She was doing this at like 6:30 in the morning. So funny and random. I love this girl. 

Lily spent some time at Grammy's and this is the pic I got. Just hanging out with her babies. 

The girls have been doing some painting lately. They painted on paper and then started painting themselves. While it was awfully cute, it was very messy. Nothing the little pool in the yard couldn't fix. 

See what I mean ya'll. She is so funny. 

Like a lot of the country we had a little bit of a heat wave last week. We watched a lot of movies and played inside. We have had cooler weather this week and have been enjoying outside. 

I had ordered Lily a Tinkerbell bed tent for her birthday (which is already broken so don't bother) and this was us testing it out. 

My friend Anthony sent Lily some birthday cookies and some treats for Avery. 

Ave's favorite cartoon is Team Umizoomi. So I was pumped to find this Millie shirt at Old Navy a while back. She is obsessed with that show and requests it any time we watch tv. 

Grammy and Pop Pop got Lily this new dancing outfit and dance lessons for her birthday. I think they start in August. She seems excited so hopefully they will be fun for her. 

We had some friends in town this past weekend and went down to the river to watch the rafters come in. The kids were super cute and loved putting their toes in the water. 

Then Lily filled her pockets with rocks until her pants were barely staying up. Kids are weird. 

 Our sweet neighbor got Lil a slip and slide for her birthday and the kids really enjoyed busting it out after most of the guests had left. 

My sis took this picture and I just love it. These girls I tell ya. 

So I talked a little bit about how grown up Lily has been acting the past couple of days. She has been able to put her clothes on by herself for a while but she has never been able to do buttons. Until a couple of nights ago. Big girl status. She is just amazing me lately. 

See what I mean? When did she turn 13? She named that second little lizard on that lip gloss Sarah. After Aunt Sarah I presume. We then proceeded to become super heroes and our makeup gave us powers. I love her imagination. 

So we are doing this. 
And it's hard. She is a stubborn one but wants to use the potty so we are going with it. 
Doesn't everyone potty in the kitchen?

And one more of my wild girls after dinner last night. Daddy is so fun, right? 

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