Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our Camping Trip

A couple weeks ago, we took the girls on their first camping trip. It was my first trip in a while too. I have really only ever been on one camping trip and it was when I was a kid. This trip was just one night but we drove up early to swim and hang out at the lake.The girls are little fish and love to swim.                                                                                       

Some friends brought rafts and the girls really loved hoping on and off all day. 

Back at the campsite we enjoyed yummy dinner and s'mores. A corn hole tourney also happened and I so did not win. The girls had some issues falling asleep which was expected. But once they were out they stayed asleep the whole night. Our air mattress was missing a plug so it wasn't the most comfortable nights sleep I've ever had either. 

This night was the night before the "Super Moon" It was really beautiful. 

Camping was not a disaster, but it is a lot of work for just one night and I'm not so sure it is my kind of "vacation". 
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