Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend and a Birthday

Gosh, I am feeling so lazy this week. I have been a super slacker at taking pictures and feel like coming up with blog worthy stuff is hard if I don't have cute pictures to go along. This weekend was a busy and fun one. My father in law turned 60 so we had family in town and a big "surprise" party on Saturday. I say "surprise" because he pretty much new what was happening. It's hard to keep it a secret when most of your family comes to town and stays in a big fancy cabin. But we still had a blast and the party was a success. I stunk at taking pictures so I only have these from Friday night. 

This was the first time Lily and Avery really got to play with Carson and Harrison who are their second cousins. They had so much fun together. We had a big family dinner on Friday night and just enjoyed the company. 

On Saturday, we went out and did some touristy stuff and went to the bakery. It was cold! Then we brought the babies home to nap and the big kids took a little hike in the woods. Later on Saturday was the party and I think Alan (father in law) really enjoyed himself! So Happy Birthday Alan! 

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