Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Wednesday

What is it with toddlers and eating, or lack of eating I should say with my kids. I swear they live on yogurt alone. When they do decide they are hungry, they eat the typical kid foods. Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets. I really do try to get them to eat different things. I cook and offer them everything I make. Sometimes they eat it. Sometimes they don't. Avery is way better at trying and actually liking new foods. Lily likes to immediately say it is yucky. I hope they grow out of this. I was a pretty picky kid, but I definitely ate more different foods then they do. 

Anyway, here are some super cute pictures of the girls at dinner a couple nights ago. They are eating and enjoying pancakes. 

I love these little stinkers, lets just hope they start enjoying food, and I don't go crazy trying to come up with things to feed these girls. 

This was a pretty random post so I am linking up with Shanna

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