Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines Day

My name is Jenny and I am a blog slacker. Sorry. I will try to do better. : ) I will start with the logical post. Valentines Day!

 Okay. So I must share a disclaimer. I usually get the little gifts for the holidays. I picked out the jammies, one book each, and the spongebob candy. Daddy came home with all the rest. Spoiled much? 

It was like Christmas up in here. These rotten girls loved it though. 

Daddy and Lily made heart shaped sugar cookies. 

 and you have to wear your Snow White outfit. 

Little sis spent some time playing with play doh. 

Lily had her Valentines party at school. All the kids were really cute and they had a ton of fun. 

The little sisters had fun too. 

Then we came home to check out all of her Valentines! 

We had a great Valentines Day! 

I promise to try to be better about updating. 

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