Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Okay Tuesday

Today It's Okay...........

- That I let the girls eat a cookie for breakfast yesterday. It's summer break!

- That summer days make the girls super tired.

- That I wanna get rid of over half of the girls toys. They literally play with a third of what they have. I may try to do a huge purge soon. Lily acts like she is dying though if I try to give away a cheapo kids meal toy. This should be fun. 

- To think my kids are the cutest. : )

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  1. YES! I want to do a toy purge too, but I feel badly getting rid of perfectly good toys. Obviously the cheap party favors and whatnot are easy to toss, but my kids have been given so many great toys, but they just have TOO MUCH! And we keep having babies, so I don't want to get rid of the baby toys just yet either. Ugh. (total first world problem, huh?! LOL!).

  2. We are totally in the same boat! We have really awesome toys too and an attachment problem in our family!

  3. I do a toy purge twice a year. Once before Christmas and once in the spring. Keeps our load MUCH lighter!

    1. They are like little hoarders though! They know if I got rid of something.ha

  4. I wish the summer made my kids tired. It seems to make them extra hyper.