Friday, June 14, 2013


Another week has flown by! Summer is just moving right along. I am linking up again here: 

life rearranged

Just some tidbits from our week:

One rainy morning the girls dressed up in their swimming gear and "swam" in the living room. Then Lily decided that high heels were necessary too. 

The girls went with Grammy to a little petting zoo in the parking lot of one of the local grocery stores. I got these super cute pictures while they were there. 

We had some friends come into town last weekend. Saturday we had a cookout and Sunday we woke up and went on a hike in the Gorge. The girls did pretty good and the views and company were great. 

Lily went with my Mom to vacation bible school and couple days this week. She picked out her outfit which she has been doing a lot lately. Tight and a fancy dress that used to belong to me when I was a kid. 

We have had a time with this lady lately. We put the girls in the same room recently. We set up Ave's bed in Lily's room and converted it to a toddler bed. (crib with bed rail) She really wasn't going for that though and it took forever to get her to fall asleep. So we pulled out the twin trundle bed from under Lily's and that is now her new bed. I think Nathan may build a bed frame and we will get a new mattress so we can still have the extra trundle bed when we need it. This picture is a day when she did just about everything but nap until she got tired enough to pass out. 

While sissy was at bible school, I got to spend some quality time with this little cheeser. We had a leisurely bath time then cuddled on the couch until bed time. I love this sweet girl. 

Even though we have been having quite a bit of rain, we have had a couple days that we were able to enjoy dinner outside. 

and then inside for a lunch picnic where they were so sweet with each other. Avery is totally Lily's little shadow and loves doing everything sis does. 

My Mom stops by occasionally on weekdays when she is out in the field for work. She usually can't stay very long but the girls really like it. This day Lily got her covers off her bed and made a place for her and Nana to nap.  

And on Thursday I drove the girls down to Charleston to meet Nathan after class. We had a yummy lunch at Panera and a fun trip to Chuck E Cheese. The girls loved it. Avery ran around to every "ride" and asked for monies. But once they started going she wouldn't ride the whole time. I think she just liked the thrill of putting the money in the little slot. Oh no.........

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  1. Super sweet girls! Love the pictures!

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