Friday, May 10, 2013


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Lily just has a couple weeks of school left. Her teacher sent me these pics the other day. She has changed so much over the school year and become so much more confident and outgoing. Love this girl to pieces. 

 Me and Miss Priss went on a couple walks recently. We made it a little over 2 miles before she was over the stroller. 

These girls are too much pretty much all the time. Their cuteness nearly kills me dead everyday. They had to bring their backpacks to dinner and play with them on the porch the next day. 

along with the pillow and blankets from Lily's room. They were pretending to sleep. So random but whatever entertains them. 

We finally got to meet my good friends niece. She was precious and Lily loved her. Both girls are actually pretty into babies. 

Too much for words. Chunky legs in a cute bathing suit, and swinging like such a big girl. 

This smile...... I die. 

I love how these little girls of mine like to pose for the camera. Avery immediately says "I see" and she loves to watch videos I've taken of them on my phone. She calls them "bideos".

This doggy girl likes to cuddle wherever we are after the girls have gone to sleep. She's a pretty sweet girl too. 

My birthday was yesterday and I got some yummy strawberries from my friend Anthony. Lily was super excited. They were super yummy. 

We went to dinner then came home and enjoyed cookie cake on the porch. Cookie cake is my go to birthday dessert. I mean every year. What's your favorite?

And as if you haven't seen enough cuteness for one post, the girls finally opened their goggles they got in their Easter baskets. Avery called them "goggies" and they wore them in the tub. I so love these girls!

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