Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Exploring West Virginia --Nuttallburg

We live in such a beautiful state. I take it for granted more often than I should. We are surrounded by a National Park and there are so many areas that I haven't seen or explored. We plan to change this really soon. Recently we packed up the girls and headed to check out a old mining town called  Nuttallburg

I will admit I thought Nathan had no idea where he was going when we drove out to Nuttallburg. It was farther out than I expected. Over the past couple years I have come to realize that I really like history, especially local history. 

So this was an old mining town and the old buildings and equipment were still there, along with signs including the history and what the old buildings/foundations were. 

A lot of the old mining equipment is still on the site. 

The girls really love exploring and checking out all the cool stuff they can find. I'm pretty sure Ave was looking at a bug. 

Even Henry Ford had a hand in this little community. 

We saw a ton of butterflies and the girls loved them. 

These are the old Coke ovens. 

and some coal that was just hanging out on the path. 

a train came by while we were exploring. The girls really loved this. The train stopped for some reason and when it started back up it made a really loud noise and startled us all. I'm pretty sure I said something like "that scared the bejeesus out of me". Lily piped up and said "that scared the coal outta me". Oh man, what a funny girl. 

I'm sure we will have many more fun adventures in our beautiful state this summer! 

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  1. Hi! This looks like it was amazing fun! Your family is gorgeous and you all look so happy! I hope to have some adventures myself with my family this Summer... I'm a new follower from the Friend Connect Blog Hop and I'm also a brand new blogger! I'm so happy to meet new bloggy friends! My blog is http;//mybutterflyhaus.blogspot.com
    It was great to "meet" you! :)

  2. Thank you! I'll be sure to check out your site.