Monday, April 29, 2013

Our California Adventure-- Day 1 & 2

So back in March my sister and I went on a girls trip to California! It was an amazing trip. We had so much fun and I loved having time to spend just with my sis. 
We left WV on wednesday around 4pm EST and arrived in LA around 8ish pacific time. We had a shuttle service from the airport to our hotel in Hollywood. I snapped this picture of the Staples Center as we drove by downtown LA. 

We arrived at our hotel The W. Did I mention my sister won this trip? She won it through Facebook and Veggie Patch. Awesome. We never win stuff. This is the specific contest she won. She got to pick one person to take and she chose her lovely sister! Sister trip for the win. 

The trip included airfare for 2, a 2 night hotel stay, private yoga session, hair and makeup at a salon, transportation for the day, dinner and $150 for each person to spend on whatever they want. It was a nice little prize. 

A couple shots of the hotel lobby. The night we got there and the next morning. 

We were so close to lots of sites. Capital Records and The Pantages Theater were right outside our hotel.

We had a private yoga session on Thursday morning then walked down a couple blocks and had lunch at Cafe Gratitude. They offer fresh healthy vegan/vegetarian options. It was really yummy. 

We basically knew nothing about the layout of the city or where the parts of LA were located so we were pretty surprised to look over from our table at lunch and see the Hollywood sign. 

After lunch we had some time before out salon appointments so we headed back to our hotel and checked out the rooftop pool. It was pretty amazing. 

The views were awesome too. 

Our hair appointments were in Beverly Hills so we got to check out that area too. Pretty fancy for sure. We walked down Rodeo Drive and it was amazing to see all those fancy stores. 

We also went to a little Television display at a museum in Beverly Hills. It's been so long I don't remember the name, but they had some neat props/clothes, etc. from some of my favorite TV shows.

Stuff from Fringe. 

Pretty Little Liars

Michelle Tanners Honey Bee outfit from Full House!

I did get yelled at not to touch stuff when checking out an outfit that Loralie Gilmore wore on The Gilmore Girls. But in my defense there were no signs and the person who greeted us at the entrance didn't say anything about it! They watched us pretty closely after that. Ha Ha. 

After checking out Beverly Hills we headed back to the hotel to change and head to dinner. I guess I don't have any pictures buy we ate at a place called Mohawk Bend. They specialize in craft beers and unique food options. They had tons of vegan/vegetarian options but they had other stuff too. We got some awesome vegan crab cakes there. The food was so good. I really enjoyed it. 


We had a reservation to tour Paramount Studios. It was a really neat tour and we were really hoping to see some celebs but we did not. They film Glee on this lot. 

After the studio tour we went to the touristy area with the Chinese Theater and the Kodak Theater. It reminded me of Times Square in New York City. It was so crowded. There were people dressed up like super heroes, etc that worked for tips. A lot of the Hollywood tours left from that area too. 

This was the view from the area around the Dolby Kodak Theater (where they have the Oscars). 

It was basically a shopping center with a theater attached. Not at all what I would have pictured but cool none the less. 


After spending a couple hours in this area we headed back to our hotel to pick up our suitcases and catch our shuttle out to Anaheim for our Disneyland adventure! 

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