Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life Lately

Wow, it sure has been a while. We have just been living life around these parts. A lot has happened around here and I'm going to try my best to catch up! 

The easiest place to start will probably be my cell phone pics from the last couple of months weeks. 

It seems like we have been waiting on Spring forever! Finally temps have been rising a little bit and we have been able to get outside!

This girls turns 2 this month and I can hardly believe it. She is so funny and makes me laugh continuously. Maybe not so much when she isn't listening or misbehaving, but for the most part she cracks me  up. 

We have still been going to gymnastics and she really loves it. Lily has come to a couple of classes and  she wants to sign up too. I think we will wait until closer to the end of the school year so she can have the class during the summer. 

We have done a lot of playing inside waiting for the warmer weather. This girls imagination makes me so happy. 

Both girls have just really been making me happy lately. Now don't get me wrong, I love being their mom but I was getting worn down. I don't know if it was the weather or the age or just me, but I feel more refreshed and things seem easier lately. (It could have also been that I got to go on a sister vacation too.)  

We set up Lily's old crib/toddler bed in her room for the transition to let the girls share a room. Avery liked the idea of her bed in sisters room but she wants nothing to do with sleeping in there. It's okay we will try again in a little bit. 

This picture slays me. She looks so grown up and it's like a peek into her teenager years. 

Just a couple shots from Lily's school Easter party. 

Nathan and I also drove down to Greensboro, NC to do the Color Me Rad 5K. It was my first and it was really fun. I am ready to do another now! 

Avery has been using the potty quite a bit lately. We aren't ready to go full force with the training but she is doing really well. As long as she has her book of course. 

Our first ice cream trip of the year!

They got a whoopie cushion in their Easter baskets from Nana, and they crack me up with this thing. 

I love these babies of mine. They are growing up way too fast. 

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  1. It's so nice when life feels like it is flowing along nicely and you are in a happy, comfortable place. Kids are always a lot of work, but it definitely gets easier as they get older (in some ways, at least!). Especially when they start playing together and whatnot.
    Is Avery already in a toddler bed?! I haven't made the switch out of the crib for my 2 year old yet, but she REALLY wants a big girl bed like her sister's. I was just sort of hoping to wait until after the new baby is born, maybe this summer sometime.

    1. It sure is tough sometimes but so worth it. She is not in a toddler bed yet. We tried in Lilys room but she wasn't into it. We kept her crib on her room so she has just stayed in there.