Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Totally Random Top Ten

1. Over the past couple months, Lily has really started to pretend play and I absolutely love it. She has a   running commentary with herself when she is playing and it is super cute.  This is a pic of Lily playing with a bunch of little Mickey figurines. She was making them talk to each other and kiss. So freaking cute!

2. I really love seeing Avery wearing some of the clothes that used to be Lily's. It brings back really good  memories of her at Avery's age and I just love it.

3. I think I am going to start with this Yearly organizational project.  My Simpler Life gives you one task to complete each day, and that seems way more doable than just saying I need to clean out the closet. I will post on my progress!

4. We really need to get rid of the binky in this house. Lily still uses it mostly for naps and bedtime but she will find it and put it in during the day and it needs to go! Any tips?

5. We got our first real snow of the season around here. It's pretty and all but I really dislike feeling like I can't leave the house if I need to. I hat how dangerous it makes the roads and such especially for the people who have to get out in it.

6. We are starting a couples fitness challenge on Jan. 5th and I am dreading it but really need to make changes in the way I eat and exercise (or lack there of). I will do a post about it in the next few days.

7. So Miss Avery is not really into eating her purees anymore. She would much rather have solid foods and things she can pick up on her own. She will take a couple bites if I offer of purees but I need some ideas for things she can eat. She has tried pancakes and scrambled egg yolks along with the puffs and snacks you can buy in the baby food section. What else do you feed a non-puree lover?

8. I really want to redecorate some parts of our house. I feel like we have had the same thing going on since we moved here, which we have. I have pinned tons of inspiration on Pinterest and really feel motivated to change some things up.

9. I am super duper excited about The Hunger Games movie come out in March. I really love to see a book come to life in a movie. Go here to watch the trailer. The books are so good i hope the movie can do them justice.

10. Lily is not napping so this will wrap up this post.

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