Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Okay Tuesday

It's Okay:

  • That the state of the cleanliness of my house has not changed since last week's It's Okay

  • To drink Hot Chocolate everyday!

  • Wish my kids would take more naps, play independently so I can get stuff done.

  • To have absolutely no idea (and be sorta terrified) how to get rid of Lily's Binky.  Any tips?

  • To want to put my almost 9 month old in baby cage so she can't crawl, stand, stage dive and hurt herself

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  1. thankfully, my daughter never had an issue giving up her paci, but that doesn't help you though does it?? sorry...

    but your baby sure it cute!!

  2. Avery is so sweet! I think you should tell Lily that the neighbor dog came and took her binky since she was a big girl. It worked for us!

  3. Ummm yea I don't know if it would work for her.

  4. Tell her that Santa came and took it since he saw that she was such a big girl now

  5. Mmm...I love hot chocolate. Can't blame you there!

    As for the binky, I know Supernanny used to say that a binky fairy came and took it and left a present for being brave.

    1. Yea I just talked to her about the binky fairy and she got all sad. Don't know if i can do that one.