Sunday, January 8, 2012

Avery/8 Months

Avery Grace turned 8 months on Dec. 26th.

Avery loves crawling, rolling, pulling up and just moving in general. She is really outta control! I think she will be walking really soon.

She is doing some serious teething at the moment as you can tell by the picture. I hope those teeth come  in really soon so we can have a break from the teething. Her sleep is still 
pretty crappy. 

She has been waking at night anywhere from 2 to 4 times. 4 TIMES! Momma is tired. She usually cat naps during the day too. Ugh.

She really has no desire for purees anymore. She likes yogurt but would prefer to eat other solid foods. She has had steamed veggies, mac and cheese,  bread and spaghetti for the first time tonight.

She loves taking baths, especially with big sister. She bounces and squeals when we get her ready for bath time.

I love my sweet girl and can't believe she is already such a big girl. 


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