Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day

We had an awesome New Year's Day! We lounged around the house and played. Play doh is getting a lot of use around here. Both girls took good naps and I was able to make crab dip and lasagna. I found the crab dip recipe here. I have had it saved in my google reader for a while now and it was creamy and delicious.  After the girls woke up we were even able to play outside for a bit. It was in the 50's here today which is crazy for January 1st.

We headed up to my in laws house for dinner. We had some great entertainment. 

After dinner we played a game similar to Scribblish without the actual game. You basically just make up your own starting phrase and use your own paper instead of what would be provided with the game. I have played the actual board game before and liked it but it was really fun to see what people came up with. Even playing before, this game cracks me up. This time was no different if you can't tell from the pics below. 

While we played, Lily entertained herself really well. Loose change, toothpicks and a ceramic cow are really intriguing you know. 

I also made Cake Balls for dessert and they were so good. Chocolate cake has always been my favorite and these are little bites of awesome. I ate way too many and will probably send the leftovers to work with Nathan.. 

What you need: 
1 box of cake mix (i used chocolate)
1 can of frosting (i used chocolate fudge)
1 package of chocolate almond bark

Bake cake as directed and let cool. Once cool, crumble in a large bowl and mix with can of frosting. Roll into balls and refrigerate. I put mine in for about an hour. Melt your almond bark and dip to coat. I had a little white almond bark left over from holiday baking and made the drizzles on top. 
These can be made with whatever flavors you want. 

Happy New Year! 

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