Friday, January 11, 2013


Another week has gone by, and it's time to share another set of cell phone pics. It's amazing that we have a camera at our finger tips at any moment. I love it!

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life rearranged

So we had a big milestone in the land of Lily. She drew her family! And they actually look like people. Love it so much. 

A sweet pic of Jack and Avery from our trip to NC. 

And more of enjoying Jack's toys. 

Roadtrip love. Sometimes you just have to jump in the back seat and do some baby entertaining. 

Don't let this one fool you, she was not asleep. 

Lily told me she was hiding my money so monsters didn't get it. How considerate! 

And this is my favorite. She likes to look at herself in the mirror when she dresses up. 

I got a awesome package from Influenster. These smell so yummy!

Trying to keep on this exercise kick. I used some Christmas money to buy a new heart rate monitor. I love that it is a more accurate calorie burned counter. I am use the My Fitness Pal app to track my calories too. 

We sure are going to miss Daddy when he goes back to school. We have loved having him home to go to school drop off and pick up with us. 

I swear the Ipad is like baby crack for Ave. She is obsessed. Anytime she sees it, she says "mickey, mickey, mickey" even though she accidentally deleted the Mickey app. She really likes the Talking Tom app. 

She also started her baby gymnastics class. She is really loving it. I enjoy doing something just for her. 

Just relaxing a little bit on our roadtrip. Love my new Toms and the skinny cords from Old Navy. They are so comfortable. 

Hope everyone had a good week. We are headed to the childrens museum today. Also our very first trip to Chuck E Cheese. Lord save me now. Ha. Tonight it is dinner and we finally are seeing Le Mis! 

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