Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best Friends

This weekend, we went to visit some friends in Charlotte, NC. Jen, is one of my oldest friends. I have a deer in the headlights look because I always blink for pictures. I think I have trained myself to try really hard to keep my eyes open. I usually end up looking really dorky, but oh well. 

Anyway back to our super fun weekend. We stayed with my bff and her sweet family. Jack is 2 weeks older than Avery and they had a blast together. Jen is my friend I have had since Kindergarten! We have the same first and middle names and have always had a special bond. 

We played a whole lot with Jack's fun toys. Lily loved it too. 

Lily helped Jen do a little cleaning. 

They got awesome new hairdo's. 

and Lily was super sad when we had to leave. 

We played at the indoor mall playplace, visited with Jen's parents who just moved down south, and had some awesome Mexican food. We also had a Mommy's only trip to Target before we left Sunday. 

We had a blast and I am so glad we got to hang out with our great friends. We don't see them enough. 
Love you guys!