Wednesday, January 9, 2013

School is Expensive

So, I'm not really sure if I have mentioned that Nathan is in school full time. He is in a Nurse Anesthesia program that is 3 years. That means he can't work for three years. That on top of the expenses of the actual program add up really fast. Books are a large part of the expense of school. I mean it is pretty ridiculous how much some text books cost. Especially when a new addition comes out every year. 

This is where Campus Book Rentals comes in. Did you know you could rent textbooks? I didn't, but I haven't been in college for 7 years. (I sure feel old) Basically, instead of shelling out a load of cash for one book, you can't rent it and then send it back when you are done with the class. 

Some of the perks of choosing to rent are: 

-Free shipping both ways
-40% to 90% off bookstore prices
-they have flexible renting periods
-you can highlight in the books 
-they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented

They even had books available from my major in college, which I don't use but wish I did. : )

So check it out if you need some new textbooks this semester. I know I wanted to save as much of my money for the fun stuff in college as I could! 

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