Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Things

Last weekend, we went to The Greenbrier to check out all of the Christmas activities they had to offer. The decorations were beautiful and the girls had a blast running around and exploring. Their favorite thing though, was ice skating! This was the first time for either of them and they really enjoyed it. Daddy and Uncle Mike took them out on the ice and I'm pretty sure they still have sore backs from having to lean over to hold them up. We had a nice lunch, which I didn't get any pictures of, then headed home with tired girls. 

This one was pretty funny. I don't think her feet were on the ice most of the time. But she never got upset and seemed to really enjoy herself. 

By the end, Lily was doing it mostly by herself. So fun. We will have to try to take her to an indoor rink again this winter. 

Adorable, I love this picture in all its wintery gloriousness. 

Yesterday, Lily had her Christmas party at school. They are always super cute and Daddy got to come to this one so it was super fun. 

This lady thinks she is a big girl too. 

The kids got to make reindeer food to leave for Rudolph on Christmas eve night. 

And the singing. They sang Jingle Bells, Go Tell It On the Mountain, and a couple others. It was very cute. At one point Lily decided to pull her hat down over her face and kept it there for a whole song. It was pretty funny. Lily's class is 3 and 4 year olds so she is one of the smallest. 

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  1. I asked Lily why she pulled her hat down over her face and she told me it was because "ughhhh! cuz I was mmmmbarassed, cuz A... knocked me down" (accidental booty bump from a classmate actually did knock her down) cracked me up!