Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day

This post is going to have a ton of pictures from Christmas Day, but should be the last of the Christmas posts. 

Our morning started out at about 6:15. Lily woke up first and we had to wake Avery to let her know that Santa came. I videoed the girls reactions so there aren't really any pics of it. But they loved everything. 

The girls Santa loot. 

The stockings. Avery immediately found the milk straws and had to test them out. 

She also had to have a yogurt break. 

Lily's first board game. Candyland! 

And them some new stories.

They both really enjoyed their new dress up stuff. 

and Ave had to try out Lily's new winter coat. 

My favorite picture! This girl is too cute. 

Nathan's family came over around 11 to exchange gifts. 

I don't think Avery liked her present at all. Ha

Around 1pm we went over to my Sisters house for dinner and yet more gift exchanging. Avery skipped her nap and both girls were pretty tired. 

My sweet Nan-Nan. (she would flip if she new her picture was on the internet) : ) 

My sissy and Baxter. 

bro in law, father in law and hubs. 

Lily did a checkup on Nan-Nan with her new Doc McStuffins doctor kit. 

And more gift opening. We were all spoiled, but had a great day. 

Happy New Year Everyone!

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