Thursday, July 19, 2012


I recently saw someone blog about StitchFix on another blog. I don't remember which one as it wasn't one I follow on my reader. Basically StitchFix is a clothing delivery service. When you sign up you fill out a pretty extensive survey on your clothing size and style and they will send you 5 pieces of clothing accessories for you to try on in the privacy of your home. You then decide what if anything you want to keep and then send back the rest.

 I really enjoy shopping but sometimes I just can't get away with 2 little terrors and wouldn't be able to enjoy shopping if I did. This service eliminated that step and I was able to try the clothes on in the comfort of my own bedroom. I had also been wanting to try one of the delivery services, they have them for lots of things (makeup, baby items, etc.) You can choose how often you want to receive this. You don't have to commit to a monthly delivery or anything like that. This one was perfect for me. I also sorta like the surprise of what you may get. 

You pay a $20 styling fee but that goes toward anything you purchase. There was also a little note in the box that you got 25% off if you purchased all 5 items. 

The box arrived! 

The envelope included a list of everything with prices 

First item was this pretty peachy/pink dress with small polka dots and a cute fringe detail. It was a keeper. I liked the way it fit.

Next was this cardigan. It was cute but a little snug in the arms. I already have a few basic colored cardis so I skipped this.

Item 3 was this chiffon shirt. I was cute on, but I wasn't a fan of where the waist tie hit on my belly.

Item 4 I really liked, but it was a little too baggy and was loose in the arm holes.

The last item was this cute necklace. I kept this as well. It is gold chains that are half coated in red. Very cute. 

So I kept two out of the five items. I think they got my style pretty right on. I probably won't use the service monthly but every now and then I would. I also feel like you can find better deals and sales by shopping in store. I set it at the lowest price point and some of the stuff was a little high. I feel like the products were all good quality, etc.

If you decide to try out StitchFix use this referral code:
If you sign up and order your first fix I will get a $25 credit. 

*I am not affiliated with StitchFix I bought this service on my own and just wanted to do a review 


  1. I'm on a waiting list to join...

    1. Yea I feel like I got a email the next day. So you shouldn't have to wait long.