Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lily's Heart and Rainbow Birthday Bash!

We had Lily's 3rd Birthday Party this past Sunday. She wanted a Heart party, and I morphed that into hearts and rainbows. I think everything turned out cute and we had a really great time. 

The Cakes, I found the idea for the 3 on Pinterest of course. I made the rainbow out of the leftover cake from the 3. Nathan did all the M&M decorations and did a fantastic job.

Some of the decor: Most of this was found in the $1 section at Walmart. 

The Birthday Girl doing some swimming.

The Little nugget enjoying some food. 

It was Anthonys Big 3-0. So glad he stopped by.

Nicole, Jeremiah and Baby Ainslee

I don't think I got a normal face from her. 



Lil and Shelby had a blast playing in the little pool.