Monday, July 16, 2012


This weekend we went to Baltimore, MD to visit Nathan's brother who is doing an internship at Johns Hopkins. I always enjoy traveling to a new place that I have never been. Baltimore seemed to be a pretty nice city especially the Inn Harbor and Fell's Point areas. 

The first day we enjoyed a trip to the Aquarium. I don't have too many pictures from this day because Lily blew through there so fast we didn't get a chance to take many. She was in a rush to see the next thing I guess. It was also pretty crowded and they didn't let you take strollers in. 

Watching cartoons with Uncle Ryan.

On Saturday we went on a pirate adventure! I had done a little research before we left and booked a trip with Urban Pirates. It was pretty fun! Lily was a little quiet at first but eventually got into it as we were about done. 

Here she is doing her sassy pose before we left.

And one of sweet Avery of course. Avery had some sleep issues a couple of the nights we were there. I think it was a combo of an unfamiliar place and being overly tired. 

Watching the pirate ship pull up to the dock.

On our way. A lot of the harbor area didn't have railings around the water. A little sketchy for a toddler.

Mermaid Lil
I think they gave her the pirate name "Lucky Lily" and Avery had "Avast! It's Avery"

Of course you had to dress like a pirate!

All Lily really wanted to do was shoot the water cannons.

Avery got a little restless.

Finally she got the chance.

At the end of the trip she got to pick out her treasure!

That was one happy pirate!

That's about all the pictures we took. It is hard to whip out the camera with two crazy girls. Thanks to Uncle Ryan for taking so many on the Pirate ship. 
The rest of the trip we ate a lot of good food and did a lot of walking. I even got a little shopping in. We were all worn out when we got home but it was a good trip.  

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