Thursday, July 5, 2012

Power Outage 2012

So we have had an interesting week so far. On Friday evening we had a really horrible storm roll through that knocked out electricity and water in multiple states. West Virginia was one of the hardest hit with something like 600,000 people out of power at one point. We actually got ours back around 4:00 PM yesterday the 4th. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Luckily we never lost our water so we were able to shower. I am definitely glad that we live in the time of technology, electricity and running water. 

Luckily we didn't have any damage to our property, just some limbs down in the yard. But there are huge trees down all around town. Since most of my family is out of town vacationing this week they missed the excitement. I did go check out my sis's yard to make sure there was no damage. These pictures are from her yard. 

It knocked a ton of pine cones out of the pine trees. Who knew they were green?

We did a lot of swimming the first couple days until the pool started turning green from lack of pumping. Yuck. 

I did a little bit of this as well.

Getting ice and gas was a little difficult the first couple of days. No where was prepared for something like this to happen. This is the line to get ice. Luckily we found some at another spot and didn't have to wait. 

We also went and played with some friends just to get out of the house. They didn't have power or water! But they have a cute little pig that the girls loved!

Little sis is learning how to float!

We did a lot of this trying to salvage what food we could. Still had to throw a lot out though.

This is really how I felt going on about Day 4. So over it. 

All in all we survived no worse for the wear. I am hoping that they are able to restore power soon to those who still don't have it! 

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