Saturday, March 10, 2012

Extra Adorable

My girls have been extra adorable lately. I love them so. 

Dear Lily, You are super funny when you ask me if my belly is hungry for popcorn. Then after I have some you tell me I am so full. 

 Dear Girls, I love when you hug and love on each other. It melts me heart.

Dear Avery, You are growing way to fast. I can't believe you will be one in a little over a month. 

 Dear Girls, This was hilarious. You would both zoon up and down the piano and played for a while. 

Dear Avery,  Your first pony hair as Lily calls it about made me fall over with cuteness. 

Dear Ave, You freaked out when I had to take your apple away to rinse it off after falling in the floor. You are my little piggy. You love food as much as me!

Dear Avery, You had your very first Thin Mint. I have to say you loved it. 

Love you sweet girls!



  1. Love these girls so much! They are angels!

  2. Awww, your girls are precious! Love her ponytail!!