Thursday, March 22, 2012


-The sickies have hit our household. My allergies are acting up and Lily has a sore throat and cold. She went to the doctor and was negative for strep but is still feeling pretty bad. And to my two year old feeling bad means acting bad. Tantrums galore up in this house. I just want my sweet baby back

-Our camera is broken. It was in the case and must of fallen off of something because the lens was completely broken off. So I guess we are in the market for a new lens for our Nikon. I wanted one anyway, but would still like to have a spare.

-Tomorrow is Hunger Games day. Technically midnight tonight but I would never be able to stay awake for a midnight showing of any movie. It's just not worth it when you have kids that don't know how to sleep in.

-Our TV has been out since yesterday. We have Direct TV and they have some kind of access card in the box that apparently went bad. They have to send us a new one that we have to pay $20 for and it takes a couple of days. The guy said that they only have a warranty for one year on the card and we have had ours since 2009. I think it is pretty lame that I am losing a couple days of the service I pay for and had to pay more money to get another card. Such a scam.

- I have been in full planning mode for Avery's 1st Bday. We go tomorrow to get some pictures taken. I have made a couple decorations and have some big Pinterest plans. I am going to attempt to make her a dress out of some cute fabric I found. We will see how that goes.

-I sorta just realized that Lily didn't have a lot of summery stuff that still fit her, so I ordered a couple cute things from Old Navy. Including this shirt. Freakin adorable!

And some sisterly love because they are pretty cute


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