Monday, March 26, 2012

Avery-11 Months

Age 11 Months

Weight 20ish pounds

Length Not sure, Will be measured at her one year appointment.

Clothing size Still can wear a couple 9 month stuff but 12 Months fits the best. Size 3 Diapers

Hair Still full and beautiful. 

Teeth Still only the 2 she got at around 6 months. I always think she is teething but nothing new has popped through.

Sleeping Better but still all over the place really. She usually takes 2 naps a day. A shorter morning nap and a longer afternoon nap. Night time sleeping is sporadic. She will have an occasional night that she sleeps all night but then other nights she will be up once or twice. 

Eating Awesome! She will eat pretty much anything you give her. Even though she only has two little chompers. Favorites are any kind of fruit, mac and cheese, graham crackers.

Movement One day before her 11 month day she took her first steps! She is going to be full on walking anytime now. 

Milestones Walking!

Favorite toys/activities She loves torturing the dog, the pop up princess tent and chewing on anything she can get her hands on. She love taking walks in the wagon and watching her big sis.

Words & sounds She says Mama, Dadda, and Dixie and makes plenty of other noises.

What we love This age is just so cute. Watching her discover the world around her is amazing.

What we don’t love She is sick right now with a cough and runny nose. Sleep last night was horrible. I really hope she can recover quickly.

What we’re looking forward to next month Her 1st Birthday!

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