Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santa Claus is Comin to Town......

What Santa is bringing Lily.

Girl is obsessed with the moon. This goes up on your wall. How fun!


We went to a friends house and she wore the boy version of these the whole time we were there. 


This is just really cute.

Wonder Pets Flyboat

She is loving tents and forts right now as well. 
Disney Princess Classic Hideaway Tent

And a bunch of other random stuff, like movies and art supplies he has been collecting for a few months : )

For Avery

I think she will really enjoy the balls poppin' around.


For the tub and looks really cute. It blows bubbles!

I may of cheated and already showed her this. She thought it was awesome. 



And some clothes and smaller things for Avery as well. She was definitely harder to find things for since we have some many toys already. She will probably just want to eat the boxes and wrapping paper anyway.

What are you getting your little ones?

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